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IC Sockets and Adaptics

IC Socket Adapters manufactured by Winslow Adaptics and distributed by Warwick Test Supplies. Discover the range of DIP, PLCC and ZIF socket adapters for Integrated Circuits.

What are IC Sockets?

An IC (Integrated Circuit) socket adapter is designed to convert of type of IC Socket into another. Commonly small outline ICs (SOIC) socket to a dual in line (DIP) format. IC Socket Adapters offer a reliable connection without the need of permanent soldering. Many ICs are extremely sensitive to heat, and soldering often causes heat damage. Insert and remove IC Chips with ease and reliability when electrical debugging with IC Adpaters.

Types of IC Sockets

DIL - Dual-In-Line: These have two parallel rows of pins, available in various numbers to match the relevant IC.

PLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier: Are used in surface-mount technology where electrical circuits are produced, and components need to be mounted on a PCB. 

Warwick Test Supplies also stock a range of PCB hardware including Transistor Mounting Pads and Insulating Bushes from 3M and Winslow.