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Fluke Launch Intrinsically Safe Torches

01 October 2018 08:00

New Fluke Intrinsically Safe Handheld & Head Torches

Fluke have expanded their line of EX Products with the Intrinsically Safe Flashlights. In hazardous, potentially explosive work zones, safety is the main concern. The new torches are specifically designed for safe use in hazardous work sites in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical processing, mining, paint shops, and other potentially explosive areas.

fluke Intrinsically Safe Torches Model Overview

Fluke offer 4 models to match your industrial application; 


                  FL-45-EX                                 FL-120-EX                                 FL-150-EX                                  HL-200-EX


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Fluke Model Descriptions

  • FL-45-EX - Pen size compact torch providing 45 Lumens 
  • FL-120-EX - Toolbelt handheld torch providing 120 Lumens
  • FL-150-EX - Toolbelt handheld version with multiple light output levels and 150 Lumens
  • HL-200-EX - Head torch for your hard hat providing 200 Lumens