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Brexit Supply Chain Risks

23 October 2018 07:20

What is the cause for supply chain concern?

Brexit Border Policies > Shipment Delays > Hidden Costs > Supply Chain Breakdown

With a deadline looming, negotiations insecure and a ‘no-deal’ Brexit still a possibility the impact to business operations remain uncertain. Importing goods from Europe may face new border policies that could impose a dangerous risk to the working operations of your supply chain.   

Risk > Low  -  Impact > HIGH

If one believes in our government's ability to negotiate a smooth deal and transition then the risk to supply chains and operations should remain low.  But it’s the 'what if' scenario; what if borders go up, new procedures or duties are imposed and suddenly the materials you want are on the other side of the Channel and we can’t get them over without a delay?  The impact to your operations could be significantly high.  

“Brexit uncertainty puts stockpiling on agenda for UK Companies”

Jonathan Ford, Financial Times

Prevent post-Brexit supply chain delay/ breakdown

Brexit Stock Planning > Communication > Stock Buffer > Working Supply Chain

Work with us and prepare for Brexit.  Minimise your risk and potential impact to your operations by working with us to create a joint plan for the products and components we supply you.  Having a better understanding of joint risks and a combined plan will allow us to offer a system of stockpiling, pricing and call off to cover the potential period of turbulence until supply chains have normalised.  

Brands we supply

If we supply you any products or components from the following brands then please get in touch to find out more about Brexit contingency planning.